Clip, fold, stick, click: this ultra light display at standing height offers an excellent base for discussions and presentations, regardless of what you place on or in its adaptable box. dimensions: 1100x330x330mm material: beech, maple

price : 0.00 EUR


We all have collections of things we’ve grown fond of – from the colorful chaos of CDs to the small keepsakes that you don’t want to ban into a dusty closet. maze, the endlessly meandering shelf, offers intimate spaces to display all those objects you want to keep and remember. dimensions: max 1100/550x190x1100/550mm material: cherry

price : 0.00 EUR

maze mini

dimensions: length 270mm width 430mm hight 160mm material: cherry

price : 0.00 EUR


CD Regal



Länge max 1100/550mm

Breite max 1100/550mm

Tiefe max 190mm




Furniture and objects are on request also available in other timber species.




All products marked with this symbol are FSC-certified (FSC®C005333).