The classic idea of sleeping beautifully in a solid wooden bed. But because of its modern design, mercé also has a light and sensual feel. And its natural finish gives even the hardest of woods a velvety look. dimensions: 800x2180x1700/1900/2300mm material: oak, cherry, walnut

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Based on the Far Eastern sleeping style, this only slightly raised bed promises repose beyond time and space. bellevue is made from selected planks that are simply mounted onto a basic structure, without using any metal connectors. Your sleeping experience has never been so peaceful. dimension: 200x2400x1700/1900/2300mm material: oak, cherry, walnut

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From top to bottom, bett-ruh presents a continuous sleeping space with small, subtle secrets. Even the most intimate details vanish into the headboard in little night drawers. Speaking of hiding: you won’t find any metal connections here either. dimension: 300x2200mm mattress+300mm material: oak, cherry, walnut

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Is this seventh heaven? The simple frame snuggles around the mattress as soundly as a good night’s sleep. Two free-moving caskets in the large headboard offer plenty of space for discretionary storage. The well-crafted, metal-free connection between frame and headboard is a masterpiece of intimacy and precision. dimensions: 250x2240x1480mm material: oak/cherry/walnut

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Furniture and objects are on request also available in other timber species.




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