The jones stool is a simple log refined by distinctive tapering – a truly archaic looking piece of furniture. Ornate wood grains reveal the deeper mysteries of this trunk segment and recount a piece of its personal life history. dimensions: height 470mm diameter ~320mm material: oak, larch, cherry, walnut

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Four lightly tapered beams are joined into an object that seems like a subtle invitation to make yourself comfortable. It is no coincidence that the name of the stool is reminiscent of the Romanian Artist Brancusi, whose “Endless Column” became a paradigm for abstract cubic design. dimensions: 470x265x265mm material: oak, cherry, larch, walnut

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bloxx relies completely on its solid presence. Cut from a large log into a cube shape, this swivel stool is only lightly finished after the natural drying process. The power, calm and presence of its organic essence only truly comes to its own in the right architectural context. The solid wood block seems to float on its stainless steel axis. dimensions: 460x420x420mm material: oak, ash, stainless steel

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The ni_na bench and the norbert_o table are a perfect team. The way the linear design radiates calm and serenity is impressive. The slightly slanted, hollowed out section in the middle is an invitation to linger for hours. Enjoy! dimensions: 2000x400x470mm material: oak, cherry

price : 0.00 EUR


Fascination on wheels – we’ve fastened a pair of robust, cast iron wheels onto “lorry” and we’re on a roll. This simple object, reminiscent of the building blocks of our childhood, has been turned into a versatile bench – on which we can sit, dine, or just reminisce. dimensions: 2000/3000/4000x400x470mm material: oak, ash tires: cast iron

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Can you hear them? Listen! These “forest pearls” are telling us their stories. Their shapes are defined by the fine whorls and curves of the original piece of wood. Our craftspeople merely apply their sensitive devotion and feel for shapes to transform these minimalist organic objects into the finest forest treasures. dimensions: diameter 300/600mm height 300/500mm material: oak, olive

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Furniture and objects are on request also available in other timber species.




All products marked with this symbol are FSC-certified (FSC®C005333).