The ring that says yes! Sometimes plump, sometimes austere, these ja-rings will beautify your life and tell you stories about the past. As a single ring or as a collection. dimensions: diameter 600mm material: oak, cedar

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le petit p.

Who hasn’t always wanted to fly on a cannonball like Munchhausen? Hop into the saddle and fly away. Spin across the wood universe, and back, in perpetual rotation – on this wonderful le petit p. dimensions: 700x450x470mm material: oak, cherry, walnut, stainle... More

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Year in and year out, a tree’s growth rings expand – and from it’s plump trunk we carefully shape these p.lota marbles. Clearly a well-rounded affair! dimensions: diameter 200 to 500mm material: oak, cherry, walnut

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Can you hear them? Listen! These “forest pearls” are telling us their stories. Their shapes are defined by the fine whorls and curves of the original piece of wood. Our craftspeople merely apply their sensitive devotion and feel for shapes to transform these minimalist organic objects into the finest forest treasures. dimensions: diameter 300/600x300/500mm material: oak, olive

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Furniture and objects are on request also available in other timber species.




All products marked with this symbol are FSC-certified (FSC®C005333).