Real beauty comes from within – as the extraordinary structures in the grain-cut wood reveal. Growth rings and the inner decompression of oak’s natural drying process make this table unique. dimensions: ~350x~300 - 550x~300 - 550mm material : oak, stainless steel

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cube fumé

Dark, warm and earthy – while the shape and raw material are the same as our classic cube, it’s the natural smoking that makes the difference. Depending on origin and location, concentrated contents have aged the tree and give the cube fumé its individual and characteristic cocoa brown tone. dimensions: ~350x~300 - 550x~300 - 550mm material: smoked oak

price : 0.00 EUR


It’s said that opposites are two sides of the same coin. Whether used as a seat, a shelf or a tea table, the “lightness” of the fine wool felt is contrasted by the “heavy” bridge of oak. It’s a magnetic attraction. dimensions: 400x400x400mm material: wool felt, bridge in oak

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Is your world spinning? One could get that impression with this coffee table. The spool-stool conjures up wooden spindles of yore. In our new interpretation, two minimalist symmetrical shapes converge and combine into this very exciting ensemble. dimensions: 260/350x300/400x300/400mm material: oak, cherry

price : 0.00 EUR


This modern wood table is skilfully crafted reductionism. The supporting frame is located in the centre of the tabletop. This affords maximal legroom and lots of space for effortless entertaining. It is also available as a worktable with diverse extra features. dimensions: 760x850x1800/2200/2600mm material: oak, cherry

price : 0.00 EUR

big mama

The generous curves of the lathed legs, the exciting symbiosis of voluptuous curves, the linear minimalism of the tabletop – the big mama dinner table entices in every way to enjoy a sensually exuberant meal. dimensions: height 760mm width 900mm length 2500/3000/3500mm material: oak, cherry, walnut

price : 0.00 EUR


The art of flying: a glass tabletop apparently floats through the room and lands on three finely proportioned legs, which give this lightweight table all the support it needs. As a single table or as a larger ensemble – with liza you’re floating on cloud nine. dimension: 760x900/1200x900/2500/3000mm material: basis: oak, steel sandblasted... More

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bloc presents itself with self-confidence and focused power. Run your hand along its body-friendly rounded edges and you’ll realize: this table has only one goal in mind, to seduce you. bloc invites you to have dinner or present your precious belongings on its eye-catching surface. dimensions: max 2500x500x600mm material: oak

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Furniture and objects are on request also available in other timber species.




All products marked with this symbol are FSC-certified (FSC®C005333).