Materials and wood types

Each type of wood has a story of its own. Color, texture, smell and durability, are individual characteristics that differentiate one type of timber from another. We recognize the strengths of different types of woods and use a wood type in our furniture according to its durability class.


Durability class 2

Suitable for inside and outside use.

Used for: fine furniture construction, shipbuilding, parquet flooring, framing/windows, veneering.


Durability class 5

Not weatherproof, for inside use only.

Used for: furniture construction, interior construction, parquet flooring, tool handles, sports equipment, veneering.


Durability class 3-4

Hard wood, low weather resistance, for interior use only.

Used for: fine furniture construction, turnery, instrument making, veneering.


Durability class 3

Weatherproof, suitable for interior and exterior use.

Used for: furniture construction, parquet/floorboards, ship building, exterior construction, windows.


Durability class 3

Fairly hard, moderately durable, suitable for interior use.

Used for: fine furniture construction, turnery, instrument building, veneering, exclusive interior design.

Wood properties

Wood is a natural product


A woodloops product is always unique. Fluctuations in color, knots and cracks are all natural characteristics. Deviations between exhibition pieces and delivered objects are a sign of quality, testifying to the natural origin of the materials and the natural processes of growth. Despite the careful selection of our timber based on durability, wood is a living material that adapts to humidity. That’s why products from woodloops help maintain a good indoor climate in your living spaces.

Other materials

Besides wood, we also uses materials such as stainless steel, felt, glass or leather to set design accents. We use organically tanned cowhide. Oiling the leather particularly highlights its natural texture. Stainless, brushed V2A steel is used for the stainless steel applications. The matte finish not only gives the steel a modern look but it’s also weather resistant.